What Would I Be Doing Right Now?

Image From: Pexels.Com

I’ve been staring at my laptop for almost an hour or maybe for two hours, switching tabs on Chrome, reading random blogs, listening to melodramatic songs on Spotify and realizing life happenings.

And it just hit me, I mean, what would I ever be doing if I didn’t wrote my first blog entry six years ago, if I didn’t owned a SLR six years ago – what would I be doing right now??

The initial reason why I started my blog six years ago was just to store photos with descriptive words of what happened about those images. The next thing I remember, I wrote this short poem about reconciling and next thing I know, I’m on WordPress typing this and having my domain. Time flew so fast. I guess.

But imagine, what if we really didn’t wrote anything? What if we just stored every thing in our thoughts and just leave it there?

For me, I guess it’ll be still okay since I don’t open up personal personal things to my friends so it’ll be just the same. But there is something about writing on a sheet of paper or a blank web space that caught my attention. Writing my thoughts  and simply what my mind and heart wants to say is the best thing I ever did. I call myself introvert, I am really really shy in person (people who know me personally knows that I don’t talk that much), I don’t have a lot of friends and don’t get along with anyone that fast – but when I write all my thoughts, I feel like a different person. I can express what I really want to say, that my mouth and inner me can’t really tell in person. It’s different. Now I can’t see myself not facing the computer and typing thoughts as fast as I could. I can’t imaging myself not blogging, and I can’t imagine myself not doing this.

Expressing thoughts and feelings is really hard, so blogging is one way you can excel in it. 🙂

So to all who read this; who wants to own their first blog — go treat yourself and write your heart out. Write whatever you want and whatever your heart wants to say. Enjoy this experience.

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