Life Lately: How’s My Long Weekend?

I would have done a Life Lately post instead of this one, but having Life Lately post seems to be a clutter on my blog and another blog category that I will eventually forget doing.

I’ve been again, MIA from the blog. A lot of happenings and most definitely – didn’t have that much time to use the laptop to write something. Though, yes I have been writing drafts onmy phone but never transferred it on the blog or something. So before another week of work starts again, here I am writing and finishing this post. It was thus a busy week for work and happenings in my life. Though, there are no spectacular happened to me this week but still. I feel that it was a busy week.

OOTD: Sweater: North Face; Shirt: Aeropostale; Jeans: Victoria’s Secret Leggings; Shoes: Vans; Bag: Coach

That was I think last weekend, when I decided to have my hair cut short. Ever since we migrated here in the US, I have never grown my hair that long because A) it doesn’t look good on me and B) I can’t keep fixing longer hair like I think it’s a total mess on my face and I don’t brush my hair that much. So, I’ve been getting either bob cut and just styling it with layers and stuff. And I think it does look good on me though. 😛

Also, I have been trying to post photos of me on my Instagram and thought, since I hate the way I smile on the camera – I decided to do this thing always. Setting up my phone on a higher place and set it up on a ten second timer. It’s fun and a little exciting for me.

OOTD: Sweater: North Face; Shirt: Aeropostale; Jeans: JcPenny; Shoes: Nike

That was taken after work when I have to accompany my sister to her school and that’s me while waiting for her at the car. It’s spring already and I’ve been wearing same old sweater like it’s cold in here, but it’s not. Well that day it was a little cold that’s why I had to wear my sweater.

Then last Friday (May 27, 2016) we all called off for work because we had to go to Virginia to attend our relatives’ christening. So it was a first out-of-state trip (besides NY and PA) for me and my sisters.

OOTD: Shirt: Forever 21; Jeans: Marshall’s; Bag: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Nike

May 27, (Friday).  We were all ready and packed around 9 AM and we’re just waiting for family friend since he was coming with us too. And after an hour we hit the road. We’re already 30-45 minutes on the road when we heard strange noise from our car. We got scared and we returned back to our city. We head straight to the airport to rent a bigger car and luckily we found one and it’s a little pricey but it doesn’t matter because it’s for our relatives. Anyways, the car ride took us four-five hours (should just be three hours but we had to stop for a little lunch and it was too much traffic). Around 6 PM we arrived Virginia. It was indeed God’s way of telling us to be careful, I mean it was a long trip and it would be much scary if we end up hearing the noise in middle of Maryland or somewhere in Delaware.

If you’re following me on Snapchat, I was really snapping every inch and posting stuff in it. :p

So anyways, then we ate at a Chinese buffet restaurant at 10 in the evening and went back home around 11 PM. The in-between hours we just played around the house, watch a movie and took photos! It was the longest trip ever, stayed a little short at home but indeed a FUN one! I enjoyed playing with the kids!

May 28 (Saturday). I woke up around 6:30 AM, had some coffee and asked my sisters if they wanted to go to the lake since they told us the night before that the lake was too close to their home, and I just wanted to check it out since it’s still early and still have time to walk for a while.

The sun was bright up early and it was just lovely to have a walk around the neighborhood. How I wish the neighborhood in where I live is like in Virginia’s. After couple of hours, we head out to be on the church. Then right after church, we head straight back home since the car we rented should be back before 5 PM.

That’s a little short trip but again, it was so fun! All photos were taken using my iPhone 6s Plus and some were with the use of Ollo Clip and all are edited using VSCO app and Snapseed.

Also, over the weekend I changed my domain from: “.co” to “.com”. And I guess that’s it for now. I have to make a draft for another post and I will post something which I wrote back in 2011. Happy Memorial Day you guys! How about you, what did you do over the weekend? I hope it’s a good one! xx

2 thoughts on “Life Lately: How’s My Long Weekend?

  1. I recently cut my hair short too! But unlike you, I had really long hair, almost waist-long hair so many told me it was a brave move to cut my hair short, as in above-my-shoulder length. hehe

    I also don’t like how I smile in front of the camera. Maybe if it’s a solo photo. But when I’m with people, I like it, because it’s more genuine. Whenever I try to take selfies, or self-portrait, I feel my smile is fake or scripted. Haha

    Hope you’ll be able to publish all the drafts you made 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’m already following you on Snapchat haha mine’s imjojomei, let me know so I can follow you back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I saw how long your hair was before and after I’d probably tell you the same thing. Haha. I hope to publish my drafts too. They just end up just in drafts sometimes. Haha. I followed you on snapchat this morning. 😀


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