Two Day Staycation

I haven’t had a long weekend ever since I started to work. We work almost every day of the year except holidays and my regular off which is Monday. It’s not really that bad since I only work until noon, but I had to start early – and I still get to rest the whole afternoon, maybe watch a movie on Netflix or just sleep.

But today, Sunday, as I write this post we haven’t been working since Saturday or we’re working on our driveway instead. As you all know, Snow Storm Jonas hit East Coast on Saturday, and it affected us. It started snowing around Friday night and when we wake up Saturday morning, everything is covered in white! 

Yesterday we were up and working on the driveway around 8 in the morning, that early I know. We only did half since it’s still snowing and that will be the rest of the day. And to be honest, I hoped and prayed for snow since the beginning of Winter and last Christmas since we had 60 degrees Fahrenheit that time, but I didn’t expected to be like this. And I was on Facebook just a minute ago and I read that we had approximately two feet of snow yesterday, that was horrible! I would probably tel you how my day went through in 10 words as per the original idea of the post was – but I changed it a bit, but still gonna tell you how it went, so here’s what happened on my day: on my two day stay-cation.

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset
And of course, I had to take a photo of the road yesterday (Saturday) look how clear the roads are and how bad it looks!
  • Tiring. Like I said, we woke up so early yesterday and today because we had to clear the driveway off from snow! But today was really the tiring day, because we REALLY need to take out the snow from the driveway because weekdays tomorrow and classes and works are to begin. We’re lucky enough that the men my dad called yesterday showed up to help us with the plowing. My arms are still hurt but I had to make this blog post today since I might not be able to do it tomorrow.
  • Sleepy. I have been sleeping since yesterday and today, and this day has been a bum day! And I just have to sleep-in all day, besides I needed it anyways.
  • Stuffed. I don’t usually eat breakfast, I only take coffee or tea at work! But today, I ate too much, we had fried eggs, white rice and Filipino sausages for breakfast and for dinner I ate two egg rolls and Singaporean noodles, which I planned to eat just a salad! HAHA
  • Fun. Despite of the snow storm surge we experienced this day was still a fun one! We all got to bond (my family and I) while plowing the snow and it just makes it even better after a very tiring morning we had.
  • Loved. I really felt so much love from my friends back home. And those friends whom I don’t expect to send me a message are the ones who did ask how I was and even asked how we did on this situation we experienced!
Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset
Showing off my sister in the Philippines how bad the snow was yesterday (Saturday).

We were supposed to watch Disney On Ice today at 3 PM but the roads are really horrible, the township hasn’t even cleared the roads and it’s just really really bad! So we’re basically stuck at home doing nothing. I really don’t know what to do on a two day without working, so here are some of the things I did on the weekend.

  • Watch Netflix. Who doesn’t even want Netflix on a cold weather? I watched Case Closed, some parts of Orange Is The New Black and my family had a movie night and watched My Bebe Love.
  • Write and Draft Blogs. I may have been a little productive on the blog and actually inspired to write and finish like three blogs! I will schedule it sometime next week or this week to be posted! Yay.
  • Sleep. Sleep all day after a very tiring day!
  • Play Xbox One. I haven’t played nor touch the controller in ages, so playing Xbox One after a long time is really a good one! I played GTA V yesterday and played half of the Evil Within this afternoon.

And I managed to finish this blog just before Keeping Up With The Kardashians start and just before my laptop’s battery is about to drain. 🙂

All in all, it was really a sore and tiring day! Hope every one in the East Coast are doing fine and recovering from this Snow Storm!

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