What’s In My Camera Bag

I have been meaning to a “What’s In My Bag” tag, but I do not really carry a bag that has full of something in it, really! Well I do have a work bag and a church bag, and the only thing that’s in it are: my wallet and my medicine bag! So, why not do a What’s In My Camera Bag tag! Yay!

And you know what, I fancy watching YouTube videos about, “What’s In My Bag tag”. And probably if I made up a post about what’s inside my bag, it will all be papers and trash! LOL. And since it is new year, I am changing up a bit on the blog posts that I am meaning to post here for this year. Starting off with this one.

I had my first camera back in year 2009 or something, a year before I started blogging at Multiply. It was a Nikon D60 and a 55-300mm VR lens along with it. I got a call from my sister that night and telling me that she has a surprise for me and since I have a night class that time, I am really rushing to go back home just to see what the surprise was! And it was the Nikon D60! I have been wanting to really have a DSLR that time, since I am having interests with Photography!


And that what Nikon D60 looks like! I somewhat did an SLR upgrade because I want a new camera where I can shoot videos in it! And D3200 has its feature and it’s 24 megapixels compare to D60’s 10 megapixels! And what’s good about this D3200 is it’s WiFi built in.

And in this post, I will not talk about Niky (aka my Nikon D60) rather, about my Nikon D3200.


I got the bag Christmas of 2015, I asked my parents if they could get me a bag for my camera since I still use the original box of the camera to store the entire camera and its accessories and I don’t want that to last! So, we got this small bag at Amazon and it just stores everything I need for the camera!


I should have taken a photo of what looks in the inside! Anyways, this is my Nikon D3200 and yes, you guessed it, I named it Thurdyyyyy, because it is 3200! You’ll eventually get what I am trying to say! I replaced the original camera strap from this which I think I also got from Amazon, two years ago.

Nikon WU-1a Adapter

That is my WU-1a adapter where it connects to a smartphone if you have the app. I will post in a separate blog about that, if someone’s interested in it. Anyways, I have been using a WiFi memory card for about two years and I still use the WiFi memory card even if I have this adapter, it is more convenient and whenever I go out and take photos, I try to store photos on my phone rather than my computer!

My two cleaning stuffs which I forgot where I got them, but they are living with me for about three years already.


2/3 Filter Lens

I got Thurdyyyyy as a birthday gift from my family. Well I am planning to buy it for myself this time, but they insisted to buy it for me! So, lucky to have these beautiful people around me to spoil me with the things I love to do. So basically, Thurdyyyyy will be two years in March. And he is the reason why I can take amazing photos of my deerest! And the rest of what’s in the camera bag are the accessories like the charger, wires and connections needed for the camera and connecting to a PC or TV.

So basically, that is what’s inside my camera bag! 😀

Do you guys name your gadgets, like I do? If so, what are their names?

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