Seaside Heights | New Jersey

It is odd that I am posting Summer images on a winter weather. Haha. These photos were taken last June 29, 2013 my first experience on a beach! Also, I added this feature last week where I share some of my photographs which I am proud of. 🙂 so enjoy!Like what I said, these images were taken on 2013 and it is my first time to be on a beach. FACT about me: I don’t swim nor go to beaches and if I do, it is because of my family. I am not confident with my body and I hate hate wearing beach attire so what I wear in this trip was a shirt and shorts! Haha.



I remembered that we went to Seaside Heights after our work on a weekend. We packed our bags and changed clothes. Took my camera with me and these are some of the images I took. Mostly its just the beach and the waves.


Again, these photos were unedited because I hate editing photos on my computer. Natural lighting photographs are great BTW, compared to indoor photos.




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