Closing Doors Of My Past

Tell me why do I still wait,

As if you’re coming back.

I still think it is our fate,

And I have to accept that you will never be back.


It may take a lot of time,

For me to be fine.

Or maybe I should go on a highest climb,

And shout to the world that you will never be mine.

I might need a lot of space,

To find and love myself.

On this adulthood I face,

Where I should be more happy for myself.


I now close the doors to our past,

And leave everything behind.

I know it won’t be fast,

Because you had my heart signed.



You will be a friend,

But not for now.

And I will be your friend til the end,

But that ain’t today’s vow.


Time will definitely heal our heart,

Most especially mine.

On a new chapter I write where you’ll be a part,

To start everything all over again, til we’re totally fine.



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