A Review: Leaf Cutter Designs (The World’s Smallest Postal Service)

Few months ago, I discovered a new blogging network on Tumblr and thought that I join the community. And not expecting to be accepted or anything. It’s just, I tried my best to be in the network. After couple of days, I got an email from one of the moderators saying that I am accepted, which totally makes me happy because I somewhat love writing something. So I did, I was a member of the Long Distance Relationship Blogging Network (LDRBN).

And after a long way of being a member of the community, I was able to write couple of posts and met new friends. These ladies just help me deal with problems and accompany not only me, but the rest of the community. Also, being in this long distance community helped me to meet amazing people, friends and they’re the best!

And, couple months ago — the LDRBN, LDRMagazine and together with the Leaf Cutter Design, started this campain and I decided to opt-in, and wasn’t really sure if I got in or what — but luckily last Monday (August 23, 2015) I got the package. And as usual, I was so excited to open the package, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the mail. But I did took a photo of what’s inside.

What’s inside the box…

DSC_0069  DSC_0065

DSC_0068  DSC_0066

DSC_0064  DSC_0063

DSC_0062  DSC_0061

DSC_0059  DSC_0046

My first impression and first thing that went to my mind was: “How am I going to work with these small items?” I browsed everything what’s in the box first and really don’t have any idea on how to work on it. I tried Google, Instagram and Youtube for instructions and luckily, I found one.

And this is indeed a great idea, so props to Leaf Cutters Design team for creating such an amazing thing like this. If you are really crafty and do wanted to change letters in a creative way, this is a big GO for you guise. And well as for me, I really like this idea. I tried writing and testing out the pen and papers: as if you just write on a regular pen. And what I really love about this package is that they have included a pen with a proper ball point to actually write on the small paper.



These are the actual sizes of the envelopes with the letters in it (washi tape for the scale).


I would probably use this again in the future, as it is amazing and adorable, and it adds a little excitement while doing it — and it is in fact eco-friendly which makes this extra amazing! In addition to this, I am not really creative and crafty person, but I had so much fun and I did enjoy making this tiny package and would definitely use it again in the future 🙂

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