Updated Bullet Journal Spread | June 2021

I meant to post this end of last month, but I figured I wait a little to see if the spread I currently have is working for me. I shared on my Instagram last month that I changed my bullet journal and how I track and write everything on it.

Bullet journaling played a role on my life. I have and still trying to keep doing bullet journal for almost few years. Unfortunately, most of them do not work out – not the journal itself but how they were setup. One thing I like about bullet journaling is that you can customize it the way you wanted it.

Life Lately: Holidays, Festival and BTS

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog with a personal posts and also a way for me to do a mini photo dump.

Happy September! How fast was this year, right? I can’t believe we’re already on our month nine and soon it’ll be Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas and New Year! As I was finishing this post, I was seeing light at the end of this pandemic, but because of the new variant, everything has to pause and be on lockdown again. This pandemic made me realized a lot, it’s scary but it’s something. I still get anxious going out even though I am fully vaccinated, the thought of going out and being around a whole lot of people still scares me.

Spring Clothing Haul 2021

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion guru nor a fashion blog. I just wanted to document and share you guys the recent Shein and other stuffs I purchased for myself.

(Some of the items on this post were all items I got back in January)

If you are new to my blog, hello hello! Like mentioned in the disclaimer, I am not a fashion guru, fashion blog nor into fashion honestly. I am that type of person who sticks with comfortable clothing- such as: sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings and t-shirts. Mostly clothings that are large enough to make me feel comforable.

I am already in my thirties so why not change up the way I see things, wear stuffs and clothings. And also, I was influenced by my younger sister who first changed her wardrobe— we’re both into sweatshirts, leggings type of comfortable clothing.

AtHome: We’re Finally Moved In and Settled

If you missed it, my family and I moved out and found ourselves a home. I’ve shared some blog posts in the past, read here: AtHome: We Bought our First Home and AtHome: Packing + Minor Renovations.

It took us couple months til we’re finally moved in at our new home. Soon as the carpet was installed, our furnitures are starting to come!

I opted for a dirty white full bed on my room and a light pink shade for curtains! If you know me, pink is not in my vocubulary but I just felt like seeing colors on my room.